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Tapentadol/Tramadol 100mg (30 pcs)

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3 strips of 10, 100mg Tapentadol tablets (30pcs).


3 strips of 10, 100mg Tapentadol tablets (30pcs).

Tapentadol,very similar to tramadol!

Tapentadol is an effective pain reliever that has been specifically developed to treat moderate to severe pain. This pain reliever is also useful in the treatment of neuropathic pain.

A major advantage of Tapentadol is its fast-acting nature, which provides quick relief from pain. Additionally, it has a long-lasting effect, so you do not have to redose every few hours. This makes it an excellent choice for people who suffer from moderate to severe pain on a daily basis.

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1 review for Tapentadol/Tramadol 100mg (30 pcs)

  1. amarokk (verified owner)

    Tapentadol ist ein gut wirksames Schmezmittel. Hilft bei Rückenschermzen und auch bei Depressionen die bei chronischen Schmerzen auftreten können. Allerdings darf man die Suchtgefahr nicht unterschätzen. Mit 50mg anfangen.

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